Beard Runners. Rewards Replicated.

Welcome to Beard Runners | Exclusive Loyalty Program

Join for free and start earning points on each purchase, save and redeem for rewards such as free shipping, 25% off and free beard oils!

As a thank you for becoming a member, you’ll receive an instant adventuring bonus of 100 credits to redeem for £1 off your purchase, or simply keep saving for bigger rewards. For every pound you spend, you’ll earn 10 credits to spend on rewards.

To Infinity and Beyond

100 credits on sign up and at least 100 credits earned per purchase means you will always have the opportunity to save £1 off every order - an infinity loop of savings just for being a member! 

Friends Interlinked 

Be a real beard runner and obtain killer deals with our friends referral scheme.  Give your besties discount codes and claim the same discount when they place an order.

Light the Beacons 

Share your love for Fantasy Beard Quest via Facebook or Instagram to receive extra points!

Birthday Treat

Celebrate your special day with a gift of 300 credits from the Fantasy Beard Quest team. Just enter your deets 30 days before the big day to enable us to send you your present. 


Become a member - 100 credits 
Instagram follow  - 50 credits
Facebook like - 50 credits
Birthday Treat - 300 credits 
Refer a friend - each get £2.50 off next purchase
Place an order - 10 credits per £1


£1.00 off code - 100 credits
£2.50 off code - 250 credits
Free Shipping - 300 credits 
£5.00 off code - 450 credits
£13.95 off code (free beard oil or balm) - 1250 credits 
25% off code - 1500 credits

Click on the star pop up to join the Beard Runners.