Once Upon A Time. Our Story.

Read on to learn how everything came to be....Fantasy Beard Quest - where beard care and classic fantasy genres combine. A battle between good and evil in a bearded fantasy realm. By the power of….

Hi I'm James, 

After working in an office environment for the past 20 years, my beard journey was restricted to stubble or a few centimeters of growth if I felt rebellious! During the Covid-19 Pandemic I was lucky to be able to work from home which gave me the chance to finally grow the full beard! Having sensitive skin I needed some beard care and after using a few bottles over the years that were very synthetic I looked into making my own but with simpler natural ingredients.
I put my lost Chemistry degree to good use and created a small batch of 'Wight Knight' oil. This warrior of light sent out some strong tropical vibes which I thought needed sharing! Wight Knight needed a home, a realm, so I combined my enduring love of 80's cartoons, astronomy, Arthurian legend and cyberpunk fantasy genres and created a storybook set across time and space involving cosmic beard care energy! Wight Knight became Paladin and the adventure began. 

Fantasy Beard Quest was born on the Isle of Wight, Summer 2020. 

My initial solo journey was epic, the story arc was in my head, the fantasy characters and lore set, the foundation of the brand was created, however to realize the full potential in a retail market I needed a fearless friend who was well versed in marketing and social media. A long-term fellow bearded bud was keen to assist, so he jumped on board and joined the Fantasy Beard Quest journey. 

The first thing we did as a team of two was source a local Isle of Wight artist that could help translate my vision onto paper, meaning all product artworks are unique and bespoke to Fantasy Beard Quest.

After almost 15 months of beard growth together with non-stop research and development blending essential oils and website building, the scent profiles were 'locked in' and safety tested, bottle arts printed and all products created….we launched, Autumn 2021!

Try to avoid the Wight stealing your beard care. Attract the Fae. Be protected by the Paladin. Become legend like the Wizard. More scents and characters to follow as the cosmic journey continues! Check out our beard care blog for information we've discovered on our journey so far and lorebook entries which will be continually updated giving a deeper understanding of the bearded fantasy realms.

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This is only year one of our epic adventure together!


James & Chris - Fantasy Beard Quest


PS. We've hidden pop culture 'Easter Eggs' throughout the website - it would be very cool if you can spot them all. 

Early drafts of Fantasy Beard Quest characters that would become the basis of our bottle arts.