Beard Care. Beard Quest.

Fantasy Beard Quest is a UK based beard care company. We handcraft our products in small batches using simple, all natural plant based ingredients that help rejuvenate the beard and skin.

Our quest is to create high quality beard care at fair affordable prices. Natural products that help make your beard legendary.

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Beard Oils | 30ml

Achieve a beard that would make Merlin proud. Our oils contain a high percentage of Jojoba, Argan and Baobab oil, a rich golden blend full of natural magic.

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Beard Balms | 30ml

Tame the unruly beast. Handmade using natural plant butters and soya wax, our selection of beard balms are vegan friendly and provide good hold to any style.

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Whipped Beard Butters | 60ml

Packed full of natural plant goodness. Our whipped butters contain generous portions of shea and mango butter for a softer, more deeply nourished beard.

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Oil & Balm Combo

The perfect duo. Beard oils and balms have joined forces to provide ultimate beard care protection against the forces of nature with the added bonus of saving a few coin.

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Beard Runners. Rewards Replicated.

Join our free loyalty program to instantly earn 100 credits and redeem for £1 off any order. Earn credits on every purchase and redeem to obtain exclusive discount codes. Interlink friends for more savings.

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Natural Ingredients. Real Benefits.

Our products are made using simple, vegan friendly, 100% plant based all natural ingredients making them kind to your skin and beard, suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.

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Quest for the Ultimate Beard.

Knowledge is power. A compendium full of beard care basics for the newly bearded, tips we’ve learnt on our bearded journey plus information on each of our ingredients and their known benefits. We call it...'Neckgrow-Nomicon' The Book of the Beard.

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Cosmetics. Cosmic Story.

We create fresh cosmetics designed for bearded folk. We also create a rich tapestry of beard based lore for our products - everything needs an origin story. We hope you enjoy our lorebook stories as much as our products. 

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