Our Quest. Our Principles.

Our ongoing quest is to create high quality all natural beard care products at fair affordable prices. Products that are simple, honest and inspire. 

Principles are important, these are ours:  

1 | All Natural Beard Care at Affordable Prices 

At FBQ we aim to create products that are simple, high quality and affordable. Over 60% of our base oil blend is made using ‘premium’ oils of Jojobo, Argan and Baobab - together with their vast benefits, it is this high percentage that gives our beard oils their golden colour. Beard care is ultimately a luxury purchase but it shouldn't hurt your wallet so we've tried to keep the price of our products as low as possible. 

Using our products, we truly believe after 2-3 days you will notice a positive difference in your beard. This time allows the natural ingredients to fully sink in and work their magic. You may feel the benefits instantly, however after a few days your beard should look healthier and feel soft and luxurious. 

We are passionate about nature and feel at home amongst the trees and next to waves. We believe in keeping things real so have worked hard to craft products that don’t contain any chemicals or synthetic fragrances, are vegan friendly, always cruelty free plus the use of recyclable packaging and minimal plastics. Merlin would be proud.

2 | Premium Branding and Ethical Packaging

Looks attract but ultimately it's what's inside that counts. We feel our artwork is an exciting element to the FBQ brand and we hope to bring new products baring our bespoke artwork over the coming years for you all to enjoy. We are proud to support our island community by commissioning a local artist who shares the same love for retro cartoons and modern pop culture. We are excited to bring new beard care products and new merchandise lines in the future together with continuing the Travellers quest to new bearded realms showing you different styles of artwork as the fantasy beard quest continues.

At FBQ we are off to a good start using glass and metal in our packaging that can be 100% recycled but we’re aware there’s always room for improvement. The environment shouldn’t suffer as a result of our facial needs so we are always looking for ways to improve our carbon footprint, use of sustainable packaging and reduce the use of non-recyclable plastics. 

 3 | Community Spirit and Support

Like minded people sharing a common interest is great, a good community can feel like family. We aim to help, and be part of a community of adventurers who share the same appreciation and love for facial hair. Our lorebook stories will continue to evolve and expand the world of FBQ and we hope you enjoy reading them, if only for a bit of fun and immersion. Our blog will be updated with 'cutting edge' beard news and tips as we expand our bearded knowledge.

Finally, more of a life motto rather than a principle….

Be brave and go on an adventure! Live life the best you can and obtain it's rewards (whilst picking up some beard care loot along the way).