Chapter 7: Warrior of Light.

The sun begins to fade casting a warm golden glow over the land. 

After several miles of peaceful trekking through wet boggy fields and open grassland the adventurers stop, a faint clashing of metal is heard in the distance! The Traveller and Fae rush to investigate and are met with the sight of a battle worn knight dueling a skeletal warrior.

Sword and shield in hand they continue to fight, exchanging powerful blows, the knight strikes true forcing her enemy to the ground.  She backs off and rests for only a few seconds as the Wight is seen rising up, continuing the onslaught.

The Traveller gasps 'what unnatural power exists here?!'. The knight is clearly tired and confused, wondering how to defeat this unstoppable enemy. The knight glances over and shouts at the visitors, 'Stay back!! Dark magic possesses these bones, I cannot slay the undead’.

The Traveller looks down as she feels her fathers cube begin to vibrate - sparks fly and a bolt of lightning explodes from her hip and travels towards the battle. The knight and the Wight are thrown apart by a flash of blinding light - the knights sword is struck and begins to glow, empowered with cosmic energy. The knight feels a renewed inner power and with one final swing takes the head of the Wight, its body drops to the ground however this time does not return. The fight is over.

The warrior of light steps back and takes a breath, standing triumphant over the now scattered bones of her enemy. Her sword and shield shimmer majestically as the surrounding grasses burn, sending embers into the night sky.  

'Thank you for your assistance, I am a noble Paladin from Thayne sworn to protect the King, this land and all brethren within. This Wight attacked a local man and I've been fighting for several hours. What mystical magic do you possess? I fear this is not the only Wight in the area, I have heard reports of several rising from their graves and attacking the local townsfolk. 

The Traveller relays her quest to meet with the Wizard. The Paladin is excited and comforted to hear the story and confirms she must also return to Thayne to meet with the King and tell him what has happened here. 'I know now of your power and this land needs you stranger, I owe you a debt. I will be your guide and protect and serve you in your quest however darkness falls and I must rest, we will travel in the morning'. 

The party of three find an old hay barn and settle down for the night. Tomorrow they meet with the guardian.  

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