Chapter 1: The Cosmic Order.

Cosmic energy is the life force that exists and flows around us. It is present in all universes, galaxies, molecules and the space in-between, it binds us together. It is essential to maintain order in life and to expand our consciousness. Cosmic energy is received by being at peace with one’s own self, living in the present moment and being open to the natural flow of the universe. 

The Cosmic Order are an interdimensional task force who hold the power to draw and manipulate cosmic energy, transferring it into pure beard care energy. Their sole purpose for eons has been to secretly preserve the beard and its power. 

Each mortal realm was assigned a member of the order, a guardian. These guardians of the beard live in peace, concealing their identity as best they can whilst casting a watchful eye over the land, for ancient beard care knowledge is powerful and strongly desired. 

There is a disturbance.....a guardian is growing weak. 

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