Prologue: Another World. Another Time.

Fantasy Beard Quest - where beard care and classic fantasy genres combine. A battle between good and evil in a bearded fantasy realm. 

Your desire for beard care loot has led you here, let the quest begin. 

There are whispers of a strange figure having been seen throughout the land, a Traveller of unknown origin. It is said that whoever comes into contact with this anomaly walks away with what can only be described as radiant facial hair and an otherworldly glow. I think you would get along, if you can find them. 

I suggest a party! Will you join a like-minded group of bearded fellows in search of this 'Traveller'? You may even discover a few beard care tips along the way. 

On your journey you will meet character oils and balms who will assist by providing nourishment and care for your facial hair, good for when the environment gets tough. Character whipped beard butter landmarks and mythical beasts roam this high fantasyland - most are friendly providing enrichment and protection whilst you sleep.  Discover, conquer and befriend all to enjoy their beard care secrets.

In this age of wonder always keep a watchful eye as legendary limited edition characters may appear when you least expect. 

Your beard care journey has begun. Your path is your own however if you seek companionship on your travels, make your way to the local tavern in the town of Thayne. The Wizard awaits. 

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