Chapter 8: The Lost Guardian.

The Paladin wakes feeling strong and energized, 'Today is the day you fulfill your fathers wish princess. We journey to Thayne and I shall take you to the Wizard, a loyal aide to the King. He will want to know of your powers for I suspect he needs to be reminded. Come, let us be on our way'. 

The trio journey along made paths, through small villages until they are met with the glory of the town of Thayne. High reinforced walls surrounded by deep water, the drawbridge lowers as they approach. They enter the gatehouse and look up to see a towering castle surrounded by townhouses and market traders. A hive of activity however a somber tone fills the air. 

The group head to the castle, entering the courtyard they are met by a figure dressed in worn regal robes holding an old wooden staff. The stranger gestures for the party to follow and turns, leading them into an old dusty library filled with ancient tomes and scrolls on every shelf. The old man sits down and pulls back his hood and robes to reveal a long grey dry, lifeless looking beard. 'I am the Wizard - the guardian you seek, I have been in hiding, watching this land for centuries however like your father, I have become too weak to fight the future. With your father having now passed, the cosmic guardians are fractured once more and I fear darkness will now look to take advantage. We have seen beginnings of this in recent days with these Wight's rampaging our townsfolk, I fear the Necromancer is behind all of this.

'My dear Wizard, you were a friend and noble companion of my father in times long passed and I have been brought to this land with purpose. I seek your guidance, my father said you would be able to assist in his goal. The goal of the cosmic order, a brotherhood in which you still belong'.

The Traveller takes the vial of oil entrusted to her by the Alchemist and passes it to the Wizard. 'My instincts serve me well and I feel you need this'. The Wizard is curious and reaches out - as his hand approaches, the vial begins to glow a warm golden hue. Again, comes a flash of blinding light and the Wizard is thrown back into his chair, his beard however is now a glorious brilliant white! Full bodied and glinting with life, a magical light blue hue surrounds this new figure of a man as he stands up with grace and vigor in his bones, he clutches his staff which is now glowing with the same blue energy. 

'Your fathers cosmic energy has given my beard life once again, its energy flows through me. Alas I have suppressed and forgotten this power for too long - I feel refreshed and supercharged! As this realms protector, I will be its guardian again! Thank you princess, you have saved me however we must make haste for your mission is not over, I need your help to defeat this ancient evil and I sense a further disturbance in your future. 

I know of an ancient weapon that can be used in our fight. It is hidden but shall reveal itself to you of noble blood. 

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