Chapter 4: The Ascension of Darkness.

A mist clouds the land. Corruption is at play. 

To the far east of Druantia lies Arwyn Forest, a once beautiful vibrant place now swampland shrouded in sadness and gloom. The trees are hollow, black and twisted, shells of their once noble stature. A strong sense of fear and foreboding envelops the region.

Crows circle and squawk above as the Necromancer slowly walks from his cairn, a figure of death wrapped in cloth, his eyes glow green with hatred. Ancient spirits of evil give life to this creature of the night. 

Something has changed in the universe, a sense of great loss and sadness seeps into the realm. The cosmic guardians have weakened, now is the perfect time to strike.

Drawing power from the Otherworld the Necromancer uses the Cauldron of Immortality to resurrect the dead. Across the land, buried soldiers from ages past awake and rise from their graves. These Wight's are lost, tortured souls with only the memory of death and their once great facial hair. They have been summoned and are drawn to Arwyn Forest.

An army of darkness assembles led by the nefarious dark wizard. 

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