Chapter 5: Feast of Starlight.

The forest is calming, a serene place. Rays of moon and starlight enter from above, flooding the ground illuminating a path. Water droplets find solace on bark, sparkling like diamonds in the light. A magical aura of fresh alpine and aromatic woods surround and invigorate the senses as the Traveller ventures deeper into Sylvan forest. 

The Fae swirl around with a bright warm healthy glow and fleet off quickly into a clearing. The trees that were once free start to entangle and twist forming structures, a throne, home to the Queen of Oak.  

A figure of natural beauty, pale skin and fine features, green striking eyes with long flowing red hair upon which a crown of acorns and oak leaves rests. 'Traveller, I am Druantia, I know why you are here and your presence is most welcome. Our world needs your help. Sit, rest for the night and I will tell all'. 

'This world was once all forest and woodland as far as the eye could see. A land rich with cosmic energy home to Dryads, Fae, Tree Nymphs' and all manner of mythical creatures. Over the years our home has been poisoned and eroded by towns and village folk and the natural energy has dwindled. I am not the guardian you seek, he is at home in the town of Thayne, north of here however be warned for he has lost his way and weakened over the years, his once mythical beard is a shadow of its former self. 

I fear with your fathers passing he has grown weaker still. I sense a disturbance, evil forces are scheming against us wishing to take advantage and destroy all that is righteous in this land once and for all. You must meet with the guardian and use your new found power to instill hope and bring purpose to his life once more. Your fathers legacy has brought you here for a reason and I pray you can fulfill your destiny, we need all the help we can muster. War is on the horizon. 

The Fae have ancient knowledge of this realm and will join you on your beard quest. 

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