Chapter 2: Black Holes and Revelations.

The night is darkest just before the dawn. Rain fills the sky. Music, lights and people fill the streets. A young lady frantically rushes through the crowds to the aid of her father. 

The distant future, a cyberpunk dystopian world controlled by mega corporations where the clean shaven dominate and synth-wave music is religion.  

In a majestic high rise building lays an old dying king with an epic glowing beard. He is one of the last living members of the Cosmic Order. He holds the knowledge of synth-wave beard care energy, a secret so powerful he has kept it hidden for years for fear of persecution. He has failed himself and his realm, the faceless corporations have taken over. 

He is tired of seeing a populace of clean shaven wherever he looks and is now too weak to continue his cause. The ancient values of the beard have been lost. The old man's wish is to correct this inequality and create a world where bearded men folk and the shaven live in harmony.

The princess rushes over to her fathers bedside. He clasps her hand and passes her his secret, a small cube filled with wondrous swirling light. He whispers 'Save your tears for another day. Go my child and be quick, they will come for it. Let the cube guide you, always.' He smiles and nods, closing his eyes whilst slowly fading into the fabric of the universe. A guardian is lost.  

With her father's dying wish fresh in her mind and full of nervous energy she runs from the building. Concealed by the crowds she catches her breath and turns to see a well suited stranger enter. She runs home. 

Confused and emotional, she feels the urge to connect the cube to her ocular implant. She hooks up and immediately feels a rush of energy surround her, it brings purpose, she knows what to do. She dresses in her time suit and without any influence her destination is set:

*#MWG >Orion> CygnusArm >Solar.3 >AngliaAD511 >Portal_Set#*

A rectangular black door completely void of light opens in front of her. She steps through into the unknown. 

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