Chapter 3: A Strange New World.

>>NCC-1701 StarTech V20.97'AG_Systems'' Error. Unknown anomaly detected in time stream. Target beard energy located and locked. Destination reached. Portal open. Malfunction. Reboot required>#!<<

The Traveller steps out of the portal to find herself in a lush green forest, the ground covered in wild mushrooms, the air filled with colourful butterflies and a sense of peace and tranquility surrounds her, a world away from the technology filled life she has left behind. 

The mysterious cube has brought her here for a reason. Still shocked by her fathers message she wonders where she is? What's so special about this place? Her ocular implant appears to be malfunctioning - repeating the message:

*>%find_Guard!@n>>B3@rd En£Rgy. P0rtal. NQt @!one_!#*.

Not alone? what does that mean. Her suit readings confirm the air is breathable, almost pure. She removes her helmet, clutching it by her side and takes a deep breath before looking around, studying the environment. The fresh air helps to compose her mind. She must find the realm guardian, she can only imagine them to have a fine glowing, almost otherworldly beard much like her fathers. 

The Traveller steps forth through the trees walking only a few paces before she is met by two curious shimmering orbs floating before her. Whispers are heard....'Welcome to Sylvan Forest Traveller. We have been waiting. Follow, we know you seek guidance, we are the Fae and we will take you to her'.

Day turns to night however the Traveller feels comfort and is intrigued by who awaits. 

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