Useful Tips - Ingredients Lists

Ever looked at the ingredients list on your favourite beard care product and wondered about the order? No? Have a look as it’s quite interesting and the following information may help or least make you think. 

Every cosmetic product in the UK market, including beard care, has to go through rigorous compliance and safety checks before they are allowed to go on sale. These strict regulations also dictate what must be included on the label of your favourite beard products and how that information is displayed, how you list ingredients including any allergens and even states the minimum size of lettering to be used.

One of the regulations state the order of ingredients should be descending starting with highest percentage content down to the lowest - any ingredients at 1% or lower however are free to be listed in any order you like. The benefit of this is you can quickly gauge the quality of the beard product based on what shows first on the ingredients list; example; if ‘premium’ oils such as Jojoba or Argan are listed higher than ‘standard’ oils like sweet almond and apricot kernel oil then you know that bottle of oil is relatively high quality. 

The word ‘premium’ is not regulated so any manufacturer can claim their product is a premium product however not all ‘premium’ beard products are the same - always look at the ingredients list to get a good idea of the quantity and volume of ‘premium’ oils that are actually in your bottle of oil and it’s not just full of the less expensive standard oils with a few drops of the ‘premium’ added at the end for good measure. 

At Fantasy Beard Quest we pride ourselves on being open and transparent. We are happy to be able to say that our bottles of beard oil contain 60% ‘premium’ oils of Jobojo, Argan and Baobab with the remaining 40% comprising of Coconut, Sweet Almond, Castor and Essential Oils. A simple but rich oil blend and the reason why you see Jojobo, Argan and Baobab the first on our ingredients list. 

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