What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a wonderful multi-purpose product designed to do two things at once - nourish tired dry beard hairs whilst also controlling those same hairs when you need to shape and style your beard.

A typical beard balm will contain a blend of naturally sourced carrier oils very much the same as a beard oil however with the addition of natural butters and wax's. An oil concentrates on benefiting the skin where a beard balms main focus is the beard.  

Stiffness of a product matters, beard balms can come in various levels of hardness which dictates its desired use. Harder balms use a higher percentage of wax and softer balms vice versa. A harder, more firm balm is therefore intended mainly for hold whereas a softer balm will provide some hold but will be better at moisturizing and re-hydrating the hairs.  

'The main purpose of beard balm is to provide nourishment to beard hairs whilst also providing strong hold to any styled beard.' 

Wax, the main component of a beard balm is a natural product so it changes with the environment - for example in the summer months when its hot it may be better to use a firmer balm that doesn't melt as easy opposed to the winter months where a softer balm may be more manageable in the hands. 

Balms work closely with beard oils so again many are scented using fragrance and/or essential oils with the same scent as its partner oil. The perfect duo of products that when used together look after your skin and beard. 

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