What is Beard Butter?

Wax on, Wax off. What are beard butters? What's the difference between butter and a standard balm?

Good things come in small packages, packages full of buttery goodness. Butters and balms are very similar but have slightly different jobs when it comes to your beard. 

Like beard balm, beard butter is designed to do a few things at once however is the middle man between oil and balm. Beard butter is a specialist at conditioning and moisturizing beard hairs together with the skin. Its the best of both worlds and more of a standalone product to be used on its own.

'When you absolutely, positively got to nourish every hair follicle in the beard, accept no substitutes'.

A beard butter, as the name suggests, typically contains more natural oils and butters with no wax which leads to a lighter overall texture. Containing no wax, the texture of a beard butter is not as well suited as a balm for styling and lends itself to be whipped. This gives an even richer softer feel to the product and helps it melt faster in the hand making it easy to apply to the beard and skin. 

Beard butters main function is to provide deep long lasting nourishment to beard hairs leading to a super soft fuller feeling beard.

Due to the soft light texture and deep moisturizing properties over a long period of time, beard butters are often used at night before bed. This enables the butters to soak in overnight leading to a morning beard that is deeply conditioned, looks healthy, feels great and is easier to style. 

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